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How it works

All of the software works on the same basic pattern:
        Establish your preferences including the data path
        Add a payer and its data
        Add the employees/recipients and their data for this payer
        Print various reports to balance to your manual control totals
        For the T4 print the data analysis report and fix reported errors
        Print the slips and summary
        Submit the summary and slips to government
            a) on paper or
            b) run the Internet service routines and file your data electronically

Filing via the internet

The procedure to do "paperless" filing is simple using the various Interent service procedures.  You may file one or more payers at the same time.  The procedure for T4 data is:
        Enter the transmitter data - that's you
        Run the Make RevCan T4 file procedure
        Select the payers you wish to transmit
        Follow the instruction sheet which printed as part of the above procedure
            basically, go to the CRA website and send the file electronically

That's it - you're done.

Demo software

The demo software is our normal software used without a password.  There are no restrictions other than all slips will have the word DEMO print on them.  Once you commit to buy, we will give you the password and that nasty DEMO message will disappear.  For that reason you should use actual data rather than fictitious data.

When downloading the software for 2009 and earlier, do not forget to download the common file.