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Adrem Information Systems

Adrem limits its software development to a single product - T4-T4A-T5 Printer.  This year (tax year 2013) marks the twenty-ninth edition of our software.

What started as two separate products, T4 Printer and T5 Printer, were subsequently combined into a single product.  Over the years, additional forms have been added:
In 2006, the T4F was discontinued as a separate product when CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) combined it with the T4.

Major improvements have included:
        Changing operating systems from DOS to Windows
        Adding laser facsimile forms (government approved)
        Adding routines to file via the internet

And last but not least, changes in technology have allowed Adrem to hold the line on cost.  The original T4 and T5 Printer products were sold for $29.95 each.  After they were combined into a single product, the price was raised to $59.95 - a whole nickel.  The price has remained the same ever since.