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Existing customers

Order forms and the re-order letter are mailed out at the end of November.  Major changes, if any, are noted.  It is anticipated that renewals orders will be mailed back to Adrem with a cheque for the appropriate amount.

New customers

Potential customers are advised to try out the software before ordering.  See these details for how the demo software works.  If you then decide to proceed with a purchase, print the order form below on your printer, fill it in and fax to Adrem at (604) 522-4868.  Once your order has been processed, we will fax back your order form with the current password on it.  Payment should be made by cheque and the order form you completed acts as the documentation for tax purposes.

Order form

The form is a single page form which can be printed on your printer.  All software on this website is included in the $59.95 (before taxes) price.  Each site license is valid for one physical location regardless of the number of machines.

Re-order letter

This a letter is a single page describing the changes made since the prior year's version.

PDF format

The order form and re-order letter are stored in Adobe portable document format.  This format displays the document in the same format created by the author.  Well, most of the time.  If you cannot read the file with your browser, you can download the Adobe Acrobat reader from here.